Price : $29.99
Brand : Firehouse Technology

UAS DJI Drone LED White Strobe Light for Quadcopter RC Aircraft FAA Required for Navigation Fully Self Contained NO Wiring Needed DJI Inspire 1 Phantom Mavic Typhoon H Yuneec

Simple solution for adding a Strobe light for safety and navigation assistance. Fully self contained NO WIRING NEEDED, rechargeable 70 mAh battery (5 hours of operation on single charge) with long storage life, Bright LED WHITE strobe ( WE ALSO HAVE BLUE ,GREEN AND RED check our other listings) clear plastic coated and sealed to protect from elements, with adjustable brightness patterns, and simple velcro or hot glue mount allows simple installation on all brands of Quadcopters, Hexacopters, RC planes, or really anything! Listing is for one White strobe with USB charge cord. Does not steal from your Quad-copter battery flight times, does not require tapping into existing wiring (always risky). It has its own internal battery that is charged off usb, Just charge, stick and go! very lightweight (4 grams) and small size allows mounting multiple lights if desired for additional visibility. Check our full navigation kit listing to save on bundle. Mount as front or rear navigation lighting per FAA rules for flights at dusk/dawn or night! 90 Day Warranty on all lights , we don’t sell what we don’t test and use ourselves! We fly for Emergency Services Search and Rescue US based in stock and ship immediately. To see Video Demo Please visit our Facebook Page at Public Safety UAS or Cut and paste this link in your browser for You tube video demo :


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