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Brand : Avatar RC

AvatarRC Geniune Gemfan 5040-3 (5x4x3) Tri Blade Freyblue Propellers for 250 Size Quadcopters, Drones, and Multi-rotors – Perfect for 210mm to 300mm frames

The Gemfan Freyblue 5x4x3 triblade propellers provides incredible performance for the FPV pilot, who seeks to have more control of the quadcopter. The stiffness of the nylon material provides great response and feedback when making abrupt and sharp 180 degree turns. When compared to a traditional 2 blade propeller, the extra blade on a triblade propeller provides more thrust at comparable RPMs; providing the quadcopter with extra lift, and leaving you more throttle control when diving from high altitudes. 

A FPV enthusiast can exploit the high performance characteristics of the Gemfan 5x4x3 propellers, to yield stunning and amazing aerial videos, just like Freybott!


Material: Nylon
Length: 5 inches
Screw pitch: 4 inches
Center hole diameter (hub): 5 mm
Weight: 5 grams
Color: Freyblue
Compatible motors: F40, F60, Cobra 2206, Cobra 2204, T-motor 2204, E-Max Red bottom, E-Max 2204, SunnySky X2207S, SunnySky X2206, and other motors
Compatible frames: ZMR 250, ZMR X210, QAV210, QAV 250, H250, FPV 250, Vortex, Vortex Pro, TBS Vendetta and other 210mm to 300mm size airframes

Package includes:

4 clockwise propellers
4 counter clockwise propellers
(You need 2 clockwise and 2 counter clockwise propellers to fly 1 quad, this package includes enough propellers to fly 2 quads.)


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